Looking to build stronger relationships, networking opportunities and collaboration within the consortia and in your company?

Special interest groups bring CI, idea sharing, learning and growth within the Consortia, as well as increase engagement within your company. A group typically meet 1-2 times per month and are formed to meet the special needs of our Consortia Members.

Seattle Consortia is looking to start a group based on the consortia member input. Some suggested groups are listed below.

Supply Chain Leaders

Facilitator/member led, topic driven interactive discussions on supply chain challenges and opportunities, best practices and lean improvements.

Human Resource Leaders

Round table open forum style discussion style meetings, knowledge sharing, best practices, HR trends and policies.

Safety Leaders

Facilitated topic driven discussions and guest speakers focused on safety improvements, standard work and best practice sharing.

Manufacturing Operations Leaders

Collaborate with leaders directly involved with the manufacturing process. Sharing best practices and knowledge, challenges and opportunities related to manufacturing, production, assembly and all areas related directly with the manufacturing process.

Healthcare Leaders

Meeting Monthly Variable Schedule

Facilitated topic driven discussion focused on healthcare with sharing of best practices, group collaboration on challenges, opportunities, projects and outcomes. Who should participate? Operational Leaders, Business Leaders, CI Leaders & all other healthcare leaders that will find this opportunity valuable.